Physical Inventories

Physical inventories are key activity for propor business management.
Allowing a full control over stock and fixed assets, also helps maintain up to date your accounting records, as sustentation of balances presented in financial statements and tax compliance.

Our Physical Inventory Services include:

  • Physical inventory of stocks and fixed assets
  • Asset Management Outsourcing
  • Technological solutions for Warehouse Control and Fixed Assets
  • Coding and Labeling assets using barcodes
  • Label Printing and Metal Forming


  • Avoid own personnel involved in the control of its own management.
  • Impartiality and confidentiality of results.
  • Reduction of losses with early detection of missing assets.
  • Personal 100% up to the task.
  • Tailored service to our client.
  • Accurate and reliable information.

Service Description

Physical inventory of stocks and fixed assets:

Physical inventories and fixed assets inventories are used to verify, at a given date, the existence of such assets. In case of fixed assets, inventory taking can additionally check their condition, terms of use and safety. Results are compared with your accounting records in order to establish compliance, investigating the differences that may exist, and then proceed to make the necessary adjustments, as applicable.

Mazars has extensive experience in performing physical inventories for companies operating in different economic sectors.

 Mazars offers its customers:

  • Procedures to consider specific characteristics of the assets and economic activity of the company
  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Use of technology through mobile computers and application development, to be used in physical inventoy taking.

Asset Management Outsourcing: 

  • Coding, labeling and recording (high, low and transfer) of acquisitions
  • Take physical inventory controls rotary
  • Determination of property proposed for low
  • Accounting depreciation calculation

Mazars offers its customers:

  • Procedures to ensure meeting the objectives of internal control
  • Staff with knowledge of accounting and tax rules affecting the registration of fixed assets
  • Using technology to develop applications to be used in the management of fixed assets, maintaining updated information when required.

Technological solutions for Warehouse Control and Fixed Assets:

The complexity on stores control and other assets depend on the nature of the assets and economic activity in which the company operates.

Mazars develops individual solutions for warehouse management and assets, considering the companys' complexity.

Coding and Labeling assets using barcodes:

The data collection systems on barcodes provide enormous benefits to almost every business.With this system, asset management is faster and more accurate, costs are lower, minimizing errors and inventories are much easier.

Mazars has the experience and resources to accompany companies in the process of implementing  barcodes systems.

Label Printing and Metal Forming:

Labels and metal plates are essential for asset identification. Mazars offers help designing and printing either one.