Our payroll team of highly professionals work with accuracy, confidentiality and compliance with all required payroll issues. Our asisttance from the processing stage to the comprehensive support of all operating processes that demand calculating payroll and everithing related to that process. "We work with you" we will assing a professional of our team who will work as an exclusive contact for all of your problems and payroll needs. If you have no experience in managing payroll, this approach will reduce cost and administrative burden of employing experience personnel payroll. Our service not only provides continuity, but a long - term relationship.

T-Registro management (Inclusion, exclusion and modifications)

Registration within pension system 

Payroll ( weekly, biweekly and monthly)

Payroll expat and comprehensive remuneration 

Tax filing and payment PLAME 

AFP filing and payment (via AFPNET portal)

Control of vacations 

Filing of contract within Labor Ministry

Assitance with Essalud

Assitance with Transfer of funds abroad (expatriates)

Employment advice 

Calculation of Social Benefits

Reconciliations and advice on labor inspections before the Labor Ministry

Journal entry and monthly accounting provisions

Delivery of paylips