Organizational design

Using a proven methodology that focuses on identifying core capabilities and evaluating alternative models against good practice design principles, our professionals help clients design and implement new models and better ways to work within teams already Across departments / geographies.

In addition to our structured and objective organizational design approach, our customers value our ability to work with them to develop practical solutions.

Common problems of our clients:

• Incorrect size and balance of equipment makes it difficult to manage effectively.

• Unclear roles and responsibilities within teams and interfaces.

• Duplicate skills and activities across all functions and geographies.

How can we help:

• Proven methodologies and experience to analyze and improve operational models and organizational structures.

• Consolidation of departments - the creation of a Shared Services Center requires better practices of organizational design and implementation.

Benefits for our clients:

• Comprehensive analysis of current structures, including their strengths and weaknesses.

• Consideration of the key requirements of the new design of the organization, including good design practices.