Corporate Security

The growth of organizations in the country, involves facing challenges and new risks that were previously not adequately identified. The activities carried out by fraudsters using sophisticated technology have been increasing. This has in some ways caused companies to have more than one difficulty identifying a trail of control or some clue that helps to understand and combat the problems that arise.

Many frauds that occur in organizations are carried out from a company computer, and this allows criminals to hide the evidence that could at some point compromise them for later capture.

Our Mazars research team can support the organization in proactively investigating this and other incidents that occur in organizations, seeking to minimize the financial, reputational, or operational losses that occur because of these same events.

Our own signature methodology can assist companies to develop a successful investigation that allows the company to identify subsequent actions to be taken and those responsible who can continue under civil or criminal proceedings.

We believe that the strength of our ability lies in the strength of our team. The analysis in the Mazars team research cases is built around a group of experienced specialists who have been supporting our clients steadily for many years.Our team is stable, experienced in researchers and committed to maintaining the excellent relationships we have with our clients.

Mazars team members include qualified forensic investigators, IT specialists, accountants and forensic accountants.

Our services in relation to Corporate Security or Fraud risks include:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Corporate Compliance of Litigation Assistance Services
  • Technology Services and Forensic Analysis
  • Fraud Investigation