Governance, Risk & Compliance

Mazars offers world-class services. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and their stakeholders. This is achieved by adapting our approach to the size, complexity, and culture of the organization. This tailor-made approach allows us to forge strong and long-term relationships with our clients.

Changes in the regulatory landscape and the international outlook oblige organizations to understand how their risk profile changes. Well-defined and applied approaches to risk management, corporate governance and internal control are required. This allows for a sustained optimization of the organization's performance.

An effective internal control system is essential for an organization to respond to the different types of risk to which it is exposed. Organizations that do not recognize the need to control risks, protect their assets or comply with laws and regulations are potentially exposed to the following failures, each of which can have a significant impact on their ability to operate successfully:

  • Failing to achieve your goals and objectives 
  • Errors, losses and  or fraud 
  • Failure to comply with relevant laws or regulations 
  • Damage to the reputation and or value of the organization 
  • Loss of confidence of stakeholder

Our GRC professionals are specialized in managing these risks in a wide range of entities, in the main sectors. We work closely with the management wing to develop practical solutions to often complex problems through our range of services including:

  • Internal audit 
  • IT Audit 
  • Business Risk Reviews
  •  Compliance Reviews 
  • Revisions of outsourced service providers (including SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402)
  •  Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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Gobierno Corporativo

Governance & Risk Management - Risk Management
Una estrategia de gobierno corporativo clara y transparente dirige y guía a la organización y promueve la comprensión y la confianza entre sus grupos de interés. Mazars tiene experiencia en brindar asistencia a directorios, comités, alta dirección y a la gerencia de línea para asegurar el buen gobierno, mientras cumplen con sus responsabilidades con una amplia gama de partes interesadas.

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Risk management

Mazars services
Does your organization have the systems needed to identify and manage the threats to your business to maximize the opportunities they can suggest? Whether it is implemented in a risk management framework due to regulatory requirements or to comply with best practices, the advantages of taking advantage of our experience are multiple.

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Internal audit

Each organization is unique, so the focus and priorities of its internal audit function must be tailor-made. Organizations should consider the most cost-effective way to obtain assurance about the effectiveness of key processes and controls. Mazars specialists provide internal auditing services according to the needs of sectors, under the modalities of partial or total outsourcing.

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Business Performance

Ethical & TE
The Mazars team has extensive experience in the aforementioned areas and many years of experience delivering practical solutions for sustainable growth and performance improvement. Our clients include international organizations, global, medium and small companies, NGOs and the public sector.

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Business Process Redesign

By systematically evaluating the current state of business processes of our clients, our professionals identify areas of weakness and work with them to prioritize opportunities for improvement and implementation of the plan.
A significant proportion of our projects involve evaluation and recommend options for improving processes and business functions. Our clients tell us that they value our ability to combine this experience with a focus on the people who are a key element of any change program.

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Organizational design

Mazars News 2
Using a proven methodology that focuses on identifying core capabilities and evaluating alternative models against good practice design principles, our professionals help clients design and implement new models and better ways to work within teams already Across departments / geographies.

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Corporate Security

The growth of organizations in the country, involves facing challenges and new risks that were previously not adequately identified. The activities carried out by fraudsters using sophisticated technology have been increasing. This has in some ways caused companies to have more than one difficulty identifying a trail of control or some clue that helps to understand and combat the problems that arise.

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