Jumping the Talent Curve: Mazars Insurance Talent Study for Asia

The Asian insurance market growth potential is tremendous, Yet how can the industry achieve this when it fails to attract talents?

CEOs of Asia insurance companies agrees that the talent gap is critical for the industry and is the number one of their current concerns, the demand is real and will remain un-matched as long as talents choose a career in banking or consulting. 

Why is that? What can be done? How can it be done? 

Mazars and Asia Insurance Review led an in-depth study by interviewing four international insurance firms and by engaging discussions with the Singapore Actuarial Society and the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. 

The report includes recommendations based on the testimonies of the CEOs of Lloyd’s, Aon Benfield, XL Group andMSIG, who shared their concerns and perspectives on the development of talents for the industry in 9 key countries of the Asian-Pacific region (including China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand). 

This study also highlights areas where the insurance companies need to engage or improve for a sustainable talent retention program. 

The study also provides, for the first time, a directory of the main degree-granting and certification programs in Asia and calls for action in 5 specific areas.  

If you want to know how to jump the talent curve, please download The full Mazars Insurance Talent Study for Asia “Jumping the Talent Curve” through Mazars Connect.